About us


Since the establishment of our organisation in the UK in 2017, many things have changed within the recruitment industry but we continue to grow and evolve adapting to new ways of working and excelling at what we do best.

With our extensive network of national/regional professional connections along with our knowledge, experience and adversity in the industry, it has made us a prime choice for multinational companies as well as local companies to source their workforce through us.   

We achieved our success because of how successfully we integrate with our clients. One complaint many people have about consultants is that they can be disruptive. Employees fear outside consultants coming in and destroying the workflow. Our clients face no such issues.


At Speciality Recruitment, we focus on helping organisations grow by offering a unique blend of staffing, gathering the best candidates for the job that specialise within that particular discipline to ensure they can deliver and cater for the business needs and requirements.  We also offer professional consultations as well as providing trade market research recruitment solutions if needed.

 We offer various types of employment opportunities, ranging from contract work to temporary to permanent placements, to suit the needs of businesses as well as the employees.


Here at Speciality Recruitment we understand that we will be facing many challenges throughout our journey, but we will embrace every challenge with open arms as our passion, positive attitude and determination will help us overcome those challenges as we thrive on progression, turning difficult situations into opportunities and solutions.  We are connected with our clients and are dedicated to serving their needs and requirements.

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Let us join you on your journey and help you reach your goals.

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